The elderly spy

The Elderly Spy

The beginning –

Mrs Simpkin sat at her desk. She was Mr Hargreaves personal secretary and as such was privy to all his comings and goings. So when the operative had walked over that morning and smiled at her, handing her a note she had stared at it with surprise.

“Am I meant to deliver this?”

“No, it’s for you.” And then he had left. Sauntering along, hands in his pockets and humming a tune.

Of course she had known he was an operative because she remembered him from the training, but still she hadn’t realised that he would be sent to her. She was very successful. After all who would have thought a fifty five year old could be a spy, especially as her career had not begun until her fifty second birthday.

She stared at the blank cover of the note. It couldn’t be her fault. She had infiltrated the office completely and the boss relied on her for everything.

Shaking a little she opened the note. In it was stamped one word in bold – Stung. Immediately she got her bag, put the note inside and got up. Leaving her coat where it was she smartly walked out of the office and headed for the exit.

Minutes after three dark suited men arrived at her desk.

“Where is she?” one asked.

“She’s left her coat,” one replied.

“No purse. She’s run.”

Within minutes the exits were blocked.

Across the road Mrs Simpkin got out her compact and fixed her hair, a tendril had escaped her bun, then straightening her bun she walked into the crowd. Silently and in step with her the younger operative fell in beside her and they were both swallowed by crowd of Monday afternoon shoppers.


Mrs Simpkin is a fifty-five year old spy who holds a secret that could change the world, and with a younger operative she starts her journey risking all for her job and country.

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