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Autumn leaves and new starts

I think I am too used to being in education because autumn is more like spring to me. Not only is it my favourite time of year but I also get to start new things. Except this year I am finishing off and I find myself feeling more and more despondent that things are coming to an end rather than beginning again.

So I was thinking about doing a Phd next year… But is that a good thing? I mean I want to write and I feel that the MA has set me on the road toward making a bit at writing. Would more education help?

There is the positive of being able to teach at the end and maybe even go for a university post – somewhere. But I’m just not sure that is what I want. I think I’m going to have to give it a break after this MA and just take stock. Because I’ve done it full-time I feel that I’ve run through the course and I now want to just settle back and see where life is going to take me.

I also have a mass of ideas. So I think that this time next year I will just wait. Give myself time to find my feet. Until then I had better get on with finishing this MA! 🙂

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