Short Stories

Daily Prompt – the cat says meow

The Cat Says Meow

Well, she is at it again. Walking back and forward to the shed. It isn’t really a shed, more of a wooden box with a sofa. It used to be my home.

I don’t remember when I arrived, just that I was cold, and hungry. Then she came. She caught me. Now, of course, I cringe that I could have been so naive. I mean, all she did was hold out some food and I walked straight to her. 

Now, I wouldn’t be so easy, except now all she has to do is call. There she goes again, back to the house. And back out to the shed. This time with a drink. It’s hot, I can see the steam and she is moving fast. Not surprising really as it is raining. I’m dry under the trailer, but not very warm.

She’s opening the door, my chance. 

As fast as anything a cat streaks between the woman’s legs and into the unit. The woman smiles and closes the door. The cat ignores her and stalks to the end of the workshop.

I suppose it is a very posh shed. He walks around the chair and sits to lick at one damp paw. The woman ignores him as much as he ignores her. Finally he turns and walks down the length of the room and rubs his wet back against her leg. She smiles and pats him, grimacing it his dampness.

“Go dry off, Pi.”

The cat stalks off. I know I’m wet. It was the reason I rubbed against you. Silly woman. Before the cat goes to his favourite roost he walks the rest of the workshop. Not one crumb. I know I saw her bring cake in here. 

A little annoyed the cat jumps onto the sofa and then onto the back. Stretching out he watches the woman.

Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful and I have claimed her as my human. I tolerate the companionship she gets from the dog. We have an understanding. And dog looked after me as a little one. Still it would be better if I didn’t share. Not possible with my human I suppose. She collects animals like others collect shoes. The cat eyes the shoes his owner is wearing. She could do with a new pair as well. Maybe less ugly and practical, more stylish. The clogs she has on are nasty. To punctuate this thought Pie closes his eyes. Listening to the steady tap from the computer he slowly drifts off. Warm, well-fed and dreaming of mice.

This is Pi at about three and a half months.
This is Pi at about three and a half months.

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