Prediction – logline



The Start of the Story

Tabitha sits in the kitchen looking at the cards in front of her. A pile of cards lie to one side their blue backs blankly staring up. Tabitha picks up another card but puts it back before looking at it. A cat jumps onto the table and sits looking at the cards intently as the woman.

“What to do?” Tabs asks the cat.

He doesn’t answer but yawns in disdain.

“You are no help Brian.”

As if in agreement he jumps from the table and disappears out of shot.

Tabs goes back to the cards. The hanged man is upside down, as is death but strength is the right way up.

“Is it today?” she asks, picking up the card she had put down. Turning it she stares at the ace of swords. Yes, answers the cards.

Sighing she stands. Tabs is a small over-weight woman who moves like a much thinner woman. She is dressed in her normal jeans and tunic. Most people insist that she ought to wear clothes that show she is a psychic, but Tabs just turns her nose up. Really, who wants to wear long flowing layers when they are tramping through a marsh to find a body with the police? No, her practical boots and jeans works well.


Foretold in the cards and shown through signs Tabs saves a student but ends up under surveillance by DI Tom Smith and as she goes about trying to help the student she becomes a suspect.


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