Masters tales

A scene about childhood

This scene has been playing on my mind. It is part of something bigger but my head hasn’t worked out what yet. Anyway I thought I’d share it. The relationship between the mother and daughter is what I’m trying to show here. Enjoy!

Practice 1

A woman stands at the sink peeling potatoes. The setting is a 1970’s kitchen and the decor is orange with a beige and brown geometric vinyl flooring. The woman is white in a long skirt and flowing flowery top, her dress screams ex-hippie. Her hair is long and falls unhindered to her waist. She is pregnant, about 4 to 6 months.

In the kitchen is also a dining room table. It is pine and has four matching chairs.

There are two doors, one leading outside and the other to the living room. There is a window above the sink that looks out onto a large garden. In the centre of the view stands an oak, it is an orange hue as the autumn is well underway.

(In the background can be heard a soft 1960’s sound to music – perhaps the Momas and Popas.)

 There is the thudding of shoes on a hard floor and the back door is flung open. There stands a child of about six. She is of ethnic origin but her features resemble the mother enough to show she is the child of the woman peeling potatoes. She is wearing a blue and white checked dress with a dark blue cardigan. Her appearance is dishevelled and her bunches have come partly undone. She is obviously excited about something. Her socks are scrunched around her ankles and her shoes are patent leather, although the leather is scuffed.

How was school?

The mother giver her daughter a quick glance and a smile. Her eyes drop to the shoes and a small frown appears.

It was good, I did a drawing.

Where is it?

(frowns is concentration)
I think I left it.
(She turns to go).

(her voice has a laugh in it)
Get it tomorrow


The daughter walks over to the sink and leans on it, standing a little on tiptoe to see what her mother is doing.


A brown owl came round today.

A real owl?

No… That would have been silly. A woman who was a brown owl.

Dress-up like an owl?

No… Mum stop.
(she sulks and puts her lip out)

(she is smiling broadly)
Okay so a brown owl came to school.

(exasperated sigh)
Yes, and they said we could join brownies.

Okay, do you want to?

Yes, but you know my class is all white except me and Mirror.

Miriam. And yes. Why?

Well if we go to Brownies, where do all the white people go?

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