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Daily prompt – Origin Story

Origin Story

I started this blog for RASP. And when I say ‘for’ I really mean they gave me the idea. They were looking for blogs from people who have to cope with dyslexia. I mentioned that I was just about to start an MA and they asked if I would write a blog. I looked into it and found out it was free and my little blog was born. One click of the mouse and there it was.

It began as just tales about my struggles with dyslexia but it has evolved. I have over 40 stories on here and this is my 192nd post. I blog everyday and I love finding new subjects to look at. Some are still about dyslexia but a lot of them are about my writing. I no longer only write about my struggles but also about my successes and how I write.

My troubles have become less dyslexic based and more general writer based. I love to write a story a day but I get tired so it isn’t possible. I do try to post a couple a month. But in January of this year I posted a story a day. It was so good for my writing that I’d recommend it.

Lately though I have been including how-to articles and general articles about writing. So much so that I have been considering writing more stories, but I also think that the blog ought to change with my mood.

I use Facebook for the everyday stuff, twitter for the moment and the blog for my mood and what I am working on. In another six months though it will probably have changed again. 🙂

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