Dyslexic tales

If I had one writing wish…

Just one? I thought you always got three… But still beggars can’t be choosers.

My one wish would be to write faster without loosing any quality. I have so much work on and so much I want to write that I just wish I was faster at writing. And editing. At the moment my work is read by support workers before disappearing off to be submitted or used, but soon I will be alone. My dyslexia is not getting any better and, it is one of my worries, that I will need someone to edit.

I’m trying to write what I can whilst on the Masters course as the support is there, but soon I will be sent out into the big world on my own. I just wish I could edit myself, but I always miss most of them. Especially changes in tenses.

So my wish is to write faster. But as I can’t see a genie popping up any time soon I’ll settle with my own plodding speed. 🙂


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