Short Stories

Daily Prompt – Green-Eyed Monster (short story)

Green-Eyed Monster (Short Story)

This is a work of fiction.

Dear Mine,

I saw you looking the other day. Full out staring. You didn’t try to hide it and for a moment I felt important then you did that long blink and looked away. I reminded me of the time I was singing in University. I am not a great singer but I was warbling away and one of my flat mates came over.

“That you singing?” he asked, and I said yes. He went away and I sang a little louder. I think it was pride, I loved the fact that someone had noticed. I wasn’t the most popular in uni. Anyway from around the corner came laughter, not put on guffaws but honest to god belly laughs. That day I felt so small, as small as you made me feel the other day.

Yet the thing is I only noticed you watching because I was watching you. I see you lying in the sun, all sleek and beautiful and I want to be there. But I am stuck working. Any work you do has high rewards. I will slave away all day just to earn myself £10. You have the best of everything and I struggle to keep my head above life’s financial waters.

I’m not jealous though, honestly. After all you need to taste the sour in order to love the sweet… What does that even mean? As you lie there next to a different girl I wish to be the next. I am sick of sour and just want something sweet. That month you hung out with one girl, do you remember? She had red hair and green eyes. I hated her on sight, she just seemed so clingy. I know, I watched. When she left I sighed with relief. Now you were free, but you moped and whined.

I stopped watching you then. Just for a day, maybe half a day. You drank yourself into a stupor and I saw you passed out on one of garden loungers. You aren’t like me, you’re far too fair and I could see you burning. So I came across, there is a loose fence panel that I was able to hinge a while ago. Just in case I had to get in. Turns out it was a good idea.

It took some heaving but I got you inside and I gave you a cool bath. After all I didn’t want you to overheat. I patted you dry carefully and put you to bed. I hope you aren’t dehydrated. There was nothing I could do about that.

I wrote this letter but I won’t give it to you. I don’t want you to react oddly. I don’t want you to run and, anyway, when they find the red-head you will need comforting and I will be ready. Until then I will be your guardian angel and make sure you are okay.

I’ll pop over later tonight and make sure you are fine. I also need to borrow your keys to get a copy. I don’t think you’d mind. I was hoping to use the red-heads, but she says she gave them back. I trust her. She wouldn’t lie, not then.

All my love


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