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If you are a writer should you have a marketing strategy? I mean we write for a living (or try to), so why do we need to do anything about marketing? Well, if you have a blog you’ve already started.

As writers we write and most of us have blogs or Facebook pages or twitter accounts or some other form of social media. Most of us do this for a writing fix. It can be hard-work being alone and, the fact we can write a small piece that is instantly published on a blog and then people can show their approval by liking it, makes you feel good. And makes you want to continue to write.

But this simple act means that we are holding the doors open to the world and yelling at the top of our lungs – look, do you see what I can do?

We are branding ourselves. I have another business and as soon as I realised that I was going to blog with the writing I recognised the strategy. First of all you come up with a name. Which was easy – it’s my name.

Then you has your USP… Anyone not in business will have no idea what this is, but it is your unique selling point. Everyone has one or two. I have two:

  1. I am dyslexic
  2. I only started writing in Jan 2011

This may not be why people read your stuff but for any publisher or agent it is important. It can be the life you have led or the way you write. It could be what you write or the trouble you have to write. It is what make you – you. And even if you haven’t consciously thought about it you will probably already have put it in your ‘about’ page.

Then there is your logline. The line that describes you as a person, or your book. Look at the top of my blog and you will see mine:

A guide to being a dyslexic on a creative writing masters course

Although I do more than the creative writing course in the blog it is a brief description that describes what the blog is about. Soon I’ll have to change it as the course is coming to a close and I will probably describe what I write. It gives people an idea about what they are going to read. Pick up a book and you will see them on there. For example I have one in front of me that states “Funny Verse and Nothing Worse” and its a kids book of poems, or “The Scream meets the Exorcist” which is a young adult horror book.

That little line can be the reason behind people reading your work or not, so it is important.

Suddenly you are not only writing but you are also branding yourself. You are creating a marketing strategy without even realising it. What do you write in your blog? Whatever you want, but remember once it is published it is out there.

Even the avatar picture you use is important. One person I know who is excellent at this is the Opinionated Man. He markets his blog as a Harsh Reality and it works. He has worked out the look, logline, avatar – the whole nine yards. Brilliant!

So even if you don’t think you have a marketing strategy, if you have a blog you do. It’s just recognising it and altering it so that you get the very best from what you type.

3 thoughts on “Marketing Strategy

  1. I appreciate your approach to the topic of marketing. When I started blogging a year ago I had that in mind knowing that it would take time. I was so impatient at first thinking: “Why am I taking the ‘slow’ route to publishing when I just want to get my book out there.

    A year later and I’m so glad I did. Not only did I learn that I was far from ready to publish. I’ve gained a circle of friends who understand what it is I’m trying to do and have supported me on the marathon that is the writer’s life.

    Funny how a marketing strategy like blogging can actually help you prepare for the life that follows after your book is sold.

    I say, yes! Have a blog (or other strategy) because you’ll want one if you want readers for your book.

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