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My Bio and how to write one

I recently did a course on how to get published and they gave me a ‘how to’ on writing a biography so I thought I’d share it…

Author Biographies

For use in cover letters, to agents, websites and blogs… and anywhere else that needs them.

  • Keep it short – I have a 50, 150, and 300 worded biography saved that can be used when needed.
  • Write it in 3rd person – my first ones were always.
  • Make yourself sound unusual and interesting… What makes you different? If you had to write an article heading about yourself, what would it be?
  • Is your work history relevant? – I always mention that I haven’t been writing long.
  • Are your qualifications relevant? – in about a year I may get to mention the MA (if I get it…)
  • Have you liver anywhere interesting?
  • Prizes and previous publications – mention them.
  • Include your web address and blog details.

And that is about it. Sometimes you need a long bio and sometimes a short one, so I suggest that you write a few that you can choose from.

This is my attempt with a 150 worded bio…

Kate Murray has been only writing since 2010 when her Aunt brought her a leather bound journal for Christmas. Nothing unusual about that, but she didn’t write, in fact she’d only tried to keep a diary for one year. She had done it but it had been a chore. So she started 2011 by enrolling on to a local writing course. It was free and she thought why not, after all she was always telling people stories. That’s where she differs, you see she is dyslexic and has been actively steered away from writing. Don’t get me wrong, her parents are really supportive and now she’s at university studying an MA in creative writing she has a mass of support. But that first step into the writing group was terrifying. She’s now studying at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David and thoroughly enjoying it.

I have got to include the places I have been published but I am pleased with it so far. 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Bio and how to write one

  1. Awesome post. You have a bit of a typo if you don’t mind me correcting but I think I may need to re-do my “About Me” page. I want to publish myself but I’ve only just started!

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