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Daily Prompt – Life after Blogs

Life after Blogs

I have a favourite programme on TV called “Life after People”, it shows broken houses and abandoned cities. It reminds me that the world will go on without us and the images can be hauntingly beautiful. But a life without computers?

Well, my desk would become more cluttered and I’d have to get a number of reference books. My study would look more like a library, or more than it already does. I’d also have to visit the library more often, luckily I am only 30 minutes away from the national library. But if there are no computers does that also include the ones in your car? In which case it is a hell of a walk to get there. Thinking about it I’d probably have to get a horse and travel by trap.

But my desk would look different. At the moment it is a bunch of papers surrounding a computer but if there were none then there would be just a bunch of papers. And of course a fountain pen and ink. I love writing with a fountain pen.

It wouldn’t stop me though. I’d have to write, it keeps me sane. And when I wasn’t writing I think I’d be telling stories. I used to before I started writing. You see, I thought that dyslexia was too much of a hurdle so I didn’t write. Now I know that it isn’t a hurdle at all but only a slight bump in the road. But if I couldn’t blog then I would have to tell people my stories, long and short.

No computers would change how I did things but wouldn’t change what I do. I am a story-teller and that is what I will always do, just as long as people are willing to listen or read.

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