Logline 18 – boarder


pirate flag

I did briefly think of a person boarding in a house but then I thought PIRATES! Argh!


Geoffrey is a retired banker and happily married man. He has retired at an early age of fifty three and with his forty year old wife, he sets out to sail to Australia. But as they round the ivory coast they are kidnapped by pirates, but not the old fashioned pirates you see in the movies. These men are in it for the money. They travel around the African coast, moving Geoffrey and his wife around, sometimes separately and milking them for all the money they can get. Finally they are able to escape but what follows is a flight across a desert landscape with the pirates close on their tail.


An adventure is what Geoffrey had promised her but when his wife finds herself in a modern day pirate adventure all she can hope is that she will come out of it alive.

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