Logline 17 – stake-out


Stakeout is the title of a favorite movie in our house. But that doesn’t help for a logline… If I change it around… I’m thinking as I type here so how about this:


It started with a rose on Valentines day. Lucy came home to find it sitting on her porch. She assumed that a friend had left it and that she had forgotten to lock the porch door. The next day there were two roses and it continued until she was being left a dozen at a time. Flattered at first the feeling turned to horror when she came home to find a white rose on her bed. The next day another white rose, except this one had been dipped in blood.

The police, already aware of her problem, said there was nothing that could be done unless the person threatened her. They couldn’t even trace her stalker. So Lucy took matters into her own hands and staked out her own house. She is shocked when the man who stops at her house is the same she says hello to and buys her paper from. She then follows him, turning the tables on her stalker as she goes from prey to predator in order to get her safety back.


Lucy walks to work everyday and buys a paper at the local street seller. When roses start to appear at her house she has no idea that she is about to take a journey that will lead her into danger as well as empowering her.

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