Logline 19 – Compulsive

This is late… I’m pretending that yesterday is today for just a moment. 🙂 This story is actually written. It was one of the first I ever wrote, but has never been seen outside of my family. The reason? It’s controversial and it instigated an argument. Oddly, I have since written may other more controversial stories but this one still lies in the bottom of the drawer. I will re-write it one day and create the story that I first had in my head. But still, this is the synopsis and, if it ever were made into a film, the logline.


Nathan had once had a wife and child, but now he is on his own. He has a disease and he is blindingly happy. After ten years he finally sought help and had been given it. Nathan had to count. All the time and to five. Five buttons, five light switch flicks, steps in multiples of five. The disease had crept up on him and taken over his life. Years ago it had started and he had begun to be late for work, it took too long to count. So he would get up earlier and earlier. In the end he had barely been getting a couple of hours a night. His wife left taking their toddler with her. He had stood on the step and waved, five times. Finally though, now that he had lost his family and his job and was about to lose his house, he had sought help and today he would get help.

Nathan walks out the door and sets out toward the clinic. He turns a corner and there in front of him is a man with a knife. One, he steps forward. He tires to fight the compulsion but he can’t. He steps closer and closer, the mugger getting more angry. Nathan is stabbed and lies on the pavement, counting his last seconds.


Nathan has lost everything and had been diagnosed with a mental illness, yet he is happy, as that morning he is going to start therapy, but fate has other ideas and as he steps out of the door he has no idea that his compulsion will kill him.

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