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Yesterday I gave a paper at a social medial historical conference. It may be my last paper for a while. On Friday next I have my Viva for my PhD.

A viva is an spoken exam that lets you defend your thesis in front of other doctors and professors. There is normally at least 3 people and it takes about 2 hours.

I get to know pretty much immediately if I am a doctor or not. It is scary and stressful waiting for it, but once complete I’ll know if I have any corrections and how much longer I need to study. There is a possibility that I have another year, but I am hoping for only 3 months. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Back to the paper though – up till Friday I am affiliated with Swansea University, but after that… I become an independent researcher. That means that some conferences won’t be interested. I get it and part of me is not unhappy to see the conferences go. The only other option is that I get a job, preferably part time, in a university so that my research can be affiliated to a university.

We shall see what occurs…

Me giving the talk on how I used Nellie Bly in my research.

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