The Build 2021

What a view…

The build has finished its demolition and moved onto the building. Until the foundations are in, it is all concentrated around the garage.

“Can we cut the door and window?” the builders asked.

“Sure…” we said a little tentatively as it would need a lot of stuff moving and out storage wouldn’t be ready until the weekend.

“Any room?” we asked the eldest son, who happens to live across the road (thank goodness).

He is having a beautiful bathroom put in so we knew his new bathroom was in the garage. But we were in luck. A little bit of moving and shifting and suddenly we are looking at moving the big stuff across.

So, the way was clear for the builders to cut the new door and window…

Cutting the new door…
One door done…
The new view! In Swansea! (Once we have cleaned up out there)

So, there we are… The new window is in and I love the view. Can’t wait for the glass. First though the foundations on the extension… But that isn’t until next week.

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