The Build 2021

How quickly did that week go?


And the week was gone.

Luckily we are almost ready for the builders. We just have to move a few bits from around the conservatory. That includes the wormery. I don’t like moving them at the moment. It is a bit cold to be exposing the layers, but we have no choice. Hopefully they will be okay.

They are also having to go out onto an area that people can get to. I keep seeing those social media posts of beehives kicked over and broken open. Don’t get me wrong, my worms are tiger worms and will live in the soil but they won’t dig below a certain depth. As soon as there is a frost they are dead. Or maybe some fisherman will realise that they are excellent bait worms and strip off the top.

Yes, they should be fine, but I wish they were instantly putting the window in the back of the garage. Then I could keep an eye on them, and the bird table.

I got everything crossed that they will be fine.

So, the build… We now have the first lot of materials. This is moving very fast. And on the Monday the builders will be onsite.

Three pallets worth, but the last pallet broke so they had to be carried onto the drive.

And just to make life a little more interesting, my body has decided to not make a hormone. I got it covered with the doctor, but I’m still looking at 3 months to get all the levels right. I do love being perimenopausal (not). Why mention it? Well, I don’t think it is mentioned enough. I am only 45 but I’m there already and if I was being truthful then I started last year, at 44. The doctor says it is because I haven’t birthed my children (I have 4 wonderful kids who are mine), but I’m not sure about that. I think it is just my time. So, let see if I can balance menopause, the build and the PhD! Ha! Life is staying interesting.

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