Lockdown · Miscellaneous

Weird Times

I think there ought to be a newspaper called weird times that helps you get to grips with the amount of time time you spend staring out a window. And anything is suddenly interesting; birds, the neighbors cat, growing plants. It is as if the window has become a TV, in real time so, very slow, but a form of entertainment.

It should have headlines.

The black cat from 4 doors down hates the white cat from the corner and both will sneak into each others territory and do some scent marking. Shall we call black cat, Hugh, and white cat, Mrs Scribbles…

Hugh invades Mrs Scribbles Garden, fur flies.

Actually no fur flies as these are both middle-aged tubby cats… They don’t fight, just posture a lot and yowl.

It’s that yowl that brings me to the window.

“Cats are fighting”. A statement that once would not even have got a reply will bring my husband to the window and we will both stand and watch the upstanding fur and screams of indignation.

Weird times…


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