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Life and life’s problems

I’m getting older. At the moment I feel very old. I’m not going to go in to it but I do have two operations on the horizon. One has been confirmed and although I don’t have a date it will be in the next six to eight months. That’s not a problem. What is…?

They are both ops around my abdomen and I’m fat… Well, obese really. Not too fat that they won’t do the op. But enough for me to want to make the doctor’s life easier. So I am on a diet. Just a calorie controlled one with exercise. I really don’t go for the fads. And to tell you the truth I am not looking to become a size 8, but a good size 14 is a goal I think I can handle.

It’s been ten days on the diet and I can say I’m not hungry. I’ve upped my protein and fiber intake and I’m fine. I’ve also lost 10 cm off my waist. Which in 10 days is pretty good going. It also means I have lost internal fat… and that is what I want gone. If some poor doctor is going in for keyhole surgery it seems only polite that I clear as much internal fat as I can.

The up side, apart from the smaller waist, is that we are walking. Me and R are taking relaxing walks in all sorts of parks. He is taking it slow and easy and I’m loving escaping the writing room. So as far as I can see there are just pros, at the moment… I know it will get harder but so far I’m not missing the 1000 cals I have been eating.

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