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Nerves, Papers and Academia

When I was a kid my teacher told me not to try going to become a vet because I just wouldn’t make it. At the time I was struggling through GCSEs and trying to pick my A-Level subjects. I chose to follow the arts, because I’m good at it and It seemed easy. But I was adrift. I’d had a plan and been told I was too thick at it.

I shouldn’t have listened. I didn’t get my history A-level. Perhaps as I’m now doing my PhD in history and creative writing I ought not to admit to that, but there it is. I failed my A-level but excelled in my Archaeology degree.


Well, when I started the degree I was also told that they didn’t think I’d finish. Not sure you will finish but there is nothing to say I can’t take you…

With those salubrious comments I began a road to my PhD. I should say that I got the degree and then the masters. The latter being very difficult when it came to referencing and writing the academic essay that has to go with it. So when the opportunity of doing a PhD was concerned I over-emphasized the learning difficulties neuro-diversity. The result was that I exceeded the expectations of my supervisors (I should say so far).

But lately I have been seeing articles that propose dyslexia is a super power and as a company, people ought to be looking for them and recruiting. The strength areas of the neuro-divergent, especially leadership and creative thinking, are something that is needed in this tech age. Reading and memory skills are becoming less important as people become reliant on computers, but the ability to think around a corner and outside of a box – now that is sought after.

Don’t believe me? Check out this article.

I think this is really moving in the right direction. Neuro-diversity is a super-power.

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