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The Meeting

It is strange meeting people you haven’t seen in years. On the honeymoon I had the opportunity to meet up with some mates I hadn’t seen in about twenty years.

How much do you change in 20 years?

The answer is loads and not that much at all. It was weird. They said I was the same… Because of my learning issues I can get things muddled. In the past this has caused a lot of embarrassment and worry. Strangely with my mister sat next to me, when I said Essex instead of Exeter, I just shrugged it off.

“They are kind of far apart,” said A.

“They start with the same letter,” I said shrugging.

“That is SO Kate,” said B.

That got me thinking… Is it?

And the answer is yes… I still do it. With names, places, dogs, nouns, any word invented… But now I just ignore it and carry on. I don’t get the mortifying embarrassment I used to. I just shrug…

I have accepted my differences. In fact, I embrace them. They make my stories weird and different.

Oh… The honeymoon… It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it and it was great to get out with Rol and relax.

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