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Here Be Monsters

You used to see that on maps, old maps… Don’t go any closer because here be monsters, and then a waterfall or illustration. But this is the chosen name for the last in the series of the Here Be Dragons children books I’ve written.

Yes, there are monsters, but no they aren’t all as nasty as you think.

The whole set of books are about a boy who is different, he can change into a dragon. But it is Jimmy’s difference that allows him to help others and ultimately save the day. Being neurodivergent myself I wanted to write a book that would celebrate change, and I love dragons… So I put the 2 together and the series was born.

Due to the PhD though there is a gap between 2 and 3… For that I want to say sorry. I had initially thought I could write the PhD and carry on with Here Be Monsters, but the reality is that the notes have sat in a pile… Waiting.

I’m getting organised now though, so I think I’m going to be able to start the book, and finish. I’ll keep you all posted but for the time being have a look at the other 2:

Here be Dragons
Here be Wolves

Wish me luck. There very well could be smoke coming of my keypad before long…

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