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I’m fried… No really I am. Last week I managed to finish the first draft of The Gone 2 and get it to my editor. But that involved me doing 9000 words in one day.

I did it.

I was on a high for about three days and then…



My brain stopped working and all I could do was slump in a corner and dribble. Luckily it was Easter so no one really noticed. I think everyone thought I was on a chocolate binge comedown. It wasn’t pretty.

But this week I have been working on the formatting, editing and cover…

Wanna see the cover?


I know it is fuzzy but you can just bout make it out… Maybe this will be better:

the gone 2 cover

That will be the new book. It doesn’t look bad. I’m just waiting for the proof copy and trying to recharge my brain. Because that feels like it has been put through the wringer over the last week or so.

Inspired by the daily prompt – Fry

6 thoughts on “Fry

  1. 9000 words in a day!? I did a short story @ 1100 followed by a 700 prompt and I’m bagged. Good on ya!

  2. Woww!! 90000 Shoot, I’m good if I manage to get a 100-200 word blog or story out, much less a 300-500… Forget 9000.

    Best of luck with Gone 2

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