Miscellaneous · Poetry


What’s in a label?

Am I an artist or a writer or an illustrator?

What am I?

Does it even matter?

Should I be more confining in what I do so that I can become just one thing?

I’m anglo indian,

but I’m not.

I’m a writer,

but also an artist,

and an illustrator.

I am all of them.

I am Kate.

That is my label, not some construct.

I don’t fit any label.

I’m dyslexic,

but it doesn’t define me.

I’m aspergic,

but that doesn’t stop me.

I’m dyspraxic,

but all it does is stop me ice skating.

I’m all these, they make me who I am

But they do not label me.

I am Kate.

Inspired by the daily prompt – labels

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