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I wear glasses, a lot… In truth all the time. I am particularly blind without them. If you know about eyes then I have astigmatism, a squint and myopia. If you don’t know eyes then I have nearsightedness, I can’t see horizontal or vertical and if I get tired my right eye can look at my nose.

I also have meares irlen, a condition that means I see too much light. Colours are brighter for me, light can be painful and I have to wear a tint on my glasses. It’s a sort of purple one. I also have a pair of reaction lenses that make the sun less of an issue, if I remember to wear them of course.

So life being a blur is something that I understand. It is all a blur at times. If I take my glasses off and see the world normally I don’t see much. Colours and light. Shapes.

But somehow it can also be the time that I see clearest. Not with my eyes though. You take my glasses and I can hear more, I smell more and I can taste more. My eyes are not the only sense I use. Sometimes it isn’t the fact I see someone that makes everything different. It is the fact that I can feel and smell them.

Sounds odd? Well, everyone has a smell, or a feel.

Because of my aspergers I have very little in the way of facial recognition. I have recently even even walked past my mum, and I have known her all my life.

I was a sickly child. And mum was forever being called into school. From the moment she opened the school door I would know she was there.

“She’s here,” I’d say to the nurse.

“How can you tell?”

And I’d just shrug. But the reality is that my mum drags one leg slightly, damage from a childhood accident. She has a unique beat, a music to her walk that I can recognise. The world may be blurry but I can use other senses to make it clearer.

So, yes I am odd. I will listen more than see. And I will recognise you from other things apart from your face. That is a blank canvas to me…

Inspired by the daily prompt – Blur

4 thoughts on “Blur

  1. Love it! Just to let you know we are all “ODD” to someone who doesn’t know it. I just think of it as being from you, or you, or you, etc, etc, etc, etc – then me stop with the you & etc. What you may consider odd, I may consider beautiful. Me I haven’t been able to smell or taste food for about two (2) years now. When I tell that to people you would not believe the expressions I get.
    To me we as “bloggers” we are odd, unusual, different, distinct, peculiar, have imagination. There is so much more for us out there, we should enjoy what we have, who we know, who we will meet. Take care!

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