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My workshop has been a mess. I mean an unworkable nightmare… It is long and narrow, about 9 feet by 19 feet. In truth it was made to take sewing machines back when I ran a soft toy manufacturing business. It was never meant to become a writing and art workshop, but that is exactly what it is.

So I now have to fit in a writing area, an illustration area and an area to paint in. All this on one room. And at the same time I wanted to get away from the shed look. I want to work in somewhere comfy and inviting. When people visit I want them to be happy to sit and chat, not feel like they are walking into an awkward area.

Now, mostly I love gadgets, but in planning an interior I always go old school. So I got out the tape measure, ruler, pencils and paper. I then drew my workshop to scale and the furniture. Then I got to do some planning. Manoeuvring the little bits of paper so that they would all fit and and look good. And finally I have a workshop I can use.

And the interior looks good. I even have curtains!


I would be happy to let people visit… I’ve even been thinking about running small illustration and writing workshops. Not sure if there will be any takers though. It’s only an idea.

And the log burner isn’t working yet – hopefully in the next couple of weeks. We are waiting on the cuff thing to go through the roof.

Inspired by the daily prompt – interior

4 thoughts on “Interior

  1. Very nice. Comfy. I like the idea of a log burner. I tried to set up a multi-tasking workshop. It, too, was narrow and long, as is yours. It didn’t work too well–woodworking tools produce too much dust for the Amateur Radio gear and computers.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

    1. I can imagine that computers and dust do not mix… I’m hoping that I can keep on top of the dust coming from the log burner. 🙂

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