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I turned up yesterday with two large plastic boxes. Both are ordinary… Both have black lids. I went back to the car and picked up a striped fabric bag about 3 ft by 3ft.

I walked into the blank space and yelled hello to everyone. I got shouts and waves back. People started to arrive and place their work on the tables. Finally we had over 95 pieces sitting there. Then the magic began.

Slowly we started to get things onto the wall. My art was one of the last… There are very few artists who work almost exclusively in pencil and ink and my grey-scale pieces can be difficult to match with.

The transformations began from an empty room with white walls into a gallery…

My stuff is up as well:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It took over five hours but finally it was finished and the transformation was complete. Our art group, Celf Canolbarth Cymru, had created a gallery.


If you are close by please visit or have a look at the Facebook page. 

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And my art in Artfinder.
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Inspired by the daily prompt – Transformation

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