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I have issues that mean I find it difficult to read other peoples expressions and feelings. What can seem like a fake smile to a someone else I will see as genuine. I can’t see it. I have tried but it is difficult.

I have very little facial recognition and have lost friends because I’ve ‘ignored’ them. I really haven’t. I just didn’t recognise them. So if you see me – give a wave and a yell. Then I will smile and wave and catch up.

But it is the people who don’t tell the truth about their feelings. Those are the people I don’t understand.

They are the ones that can lead to trouble.

I have some real genuine people that watch out for me, but sometimes I go out alone. And when I do I get nervous. I have to stop and breathe. And try to trust I will recognise if someone is being artificial.

I have met some predators in my time, written about most of them. My bad guys are so bad, because they are in real life… Saying that though I love having new experiences, so I continue to go out.

I wish I could tell a fake smile from a real one though. Maybe one day they will make an app for it. Or maybe I will one day have someone with me who can tell me they are lying. Until then I will hope for the best. And smile because I only ever do because I mean it.

Inspired by the daily prompt – artificial 

2 thoughts on “Artifical

  1. I think knowing when it’s not come real come with time. Once you’ve experienced it a lot, then you can almost know immediately, but sometimes we just tell ourselves that it isn’t what we think. I believe we sincerely want to give people the benefit of the doubt, and we should for the most part, but we have to be wary too. Being wary protects us, but it also could deter meaningful relationship. What a conundrum.

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