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Imagine a town under the ground… There are shops and people living. Small cottage industries like seamstresses and tailors make the place a bustling town. Everyone is working and the place is a hive of activity. Everyone is poor but they are all in the same boat.

Now, imagine that a disease hits, it’s nasty. It kills 50% of people. One minute you have a group of friends then half of them are just gone.

One day you get ready  to go topside and find that you can’t. The town has been walled up, trapping everyone under the ground.

A good story? Right?

It’s truth. It happened in Edinburgh in the seventeenth century. Mary King’s Close was walled up. It was actually a number of closes containing tenement housing which were sometimes seven stories high.

So, what if some of these towns had survived? What if they had thrived and what if a girl decided she wanted to go Upworld, but she was stuck in a world ruled by medieval attitudes?

Well, that is the premise of my book – Tunnels. It revolves around a girl who is about eight years old…


“Many years ago a band of people were walled up in an underground city. They are still thriving and using the modern world to help their community. None more so than Heather who is determined to use the Upworld to save her mother’s life and give herself a future, though she is forbidden to go.

Heather must travel to Upworld and brave modern day Edinburgh.”

Available on Amazon as a paperback, ebook and as part of Kindle Unlimited

Inspired by the Daily Prompt – Underground


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