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Getting fit

Really! I decided to. Let’s put it this way, a friend wanted me to walk to the top of a hill. It was a fairly steep slope… It took me about 12 stops and I lot of time. He coached me all the way up and I made it. I was so proud… But this shouldn’t have happened.

When did I get so unfit? I used to be a conservation warden. I used to walk everywhere. I used to be fit. Of course I used to be four dress sizes smaller as well… But I can’t believe that I am that unfit.

Many years ago when I had just started to gain weight I made a promise with myself. I can do what I want but as soon as something becomes too difficult physically then I have to make a change. This is the first time I have come across this sort of problem.

Really? I hear you ask and the answer is yes, but then I have not sought out physical stuff to push myself. I have made excuses.

I live on a two acre smallholding and my dog has the run of the place. She doesn’t need a walk… but she sure enjoys it. So after the nightmare hill I decided to put in more exercise.

And this pup is helping…


I’m also incredibly lucky to live where I do… This is on Cor Caron or the local bog. It has a stillness and wonder that is just beautiful. Since the ‘hill’ I have been walking the dog every other day. I did the ‘short’ walk today of about an hour and a bit. I love this one for the isolation…

It was fairly dark an cloudy today but it was a great walk. And I am sure at some point I will feel better – but at the moment I just feel achy and tired. I am determined to get there though. There will be no more horrendous hills that will stop me getting to the top, or take too long.

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