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I had an experiment yesterday. About three months ago I bought Wacom tablet and moved into the world of digital art. I tried looking for a style and then I found something I loved doing. Something that not many artists do. The odd thing is that it is an exact copy of my drawing technique. Maybe I’m a little freer on the tablet than I am when using pencil, but that is it.

So yesterday the drawing prompt was ‘black and white’ which I typed into google. I had an idea and I wanted to see what was going to happen. Up to now I have tried to draw using a black pen on different coloured backgrounds… Like this one:


I love drawing stills from movies… So anyway, I decided to experiment by only drawing the highlights. So I picked a random photo that was good (I wanted to see this at it’s best), set the timer for 30 minutes and started to scribble…

I was finished in 20 minutes and it was rough… I could see my scribble marks but I loved it. I kind of wished I had chosen another photo so I could sell it but this was a first time out…


Now it was never meant to be anything but an experiment… But it has gone crazy on Facebook in the art group I am part of. Last time I looked it was up to 350+ likes. I’m a little shocked.

Today I took the next picture to the next level using a brush that simulates an airbrush…


So far – no likes. I think it is the subject matter. No one likes my cuddly centipede… All I need to do now is only draw lions. 🙂

It is all good practice though. I have noticed that my drawing with a pencil and ink is getting better as well as my digital art.

From the daily prompt – test

Most of my digital art is available in society 6 and zippi

10 thoughts on “Test

  1. Awesome. I am thinking how can we work together to create great impact. Or, at Least how can I do better by asking you to create some drawings for me. Like, we see in newspaper. There is a story along with a picture that conveys the message of the article. Or maybe a logo. 🙂

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