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I get depressed sometimes. Normally just as the bills come in but it is a quick fleeting thing and then I am back in the world of art or buried in the latest book I’m writing. It never lasts more than a week until something happens that will bring me out of it. It can be something someone will say or I a red kite flying in the sky. And poof – it is gone.

But I know people who have depression. This is a wholly different thing. Depression is a disease that is tricky to treat and never truly leaves someone. It isn’t like having to take a pill because of pain… It is more than that.

Yet those with it hide so brilliantly. They put up a facade.

If I’m sad then I look sad. If I am happy then I’m smiling.

But if you have depression then you have a facade that covers it. Everyone sees you happy but inside you are crying.

Yesterday the prompt for the art was ‘depressed hero’ and I drew this…


This man was and still is my hero. Robin Williams who hid behind a mask of laughter. I just wish he had talked to someone. If he had he might be making us laugh still. And I know that is a selfish thought.

But there are more than just celebrities who use a facade. I try to see past it, but sometimes they are like impenetrable walls. I just wish there was a way to cure depression. Until they do though – please talk to someone because you leave behind people you love. No one is better off without a family member or friend. They are what makes our lives bright and wonderful.

From the daily prompt – facade

Robin Williams isn’t available to buy but if anyone is interested then please let me know. He is a digital drawing but I can get prints made.

12 thoughts on “Facade

  1. Oh my! Thank you for reminding me about Robin Williams, truly he was a man who struggled with a disease no one knew about. And he was always happy, just like you said but behind closed doors he really suffered. How sad is that?
    It’s true like you said most celebrities do suffer in silent but we don’t know that. and I guess that’s why most of them die at a young age.
    Hiding behind a mask is something I will never let my kids go through such situations,if God blesses me with some.
    Great Post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Lovely! As one who suffers with depression I agree, a facade at times is how we get through. It is hard to always share and for others to understand, so sometimes it is just easier.
    This is a beautiful rendering of Robin. His life was so amazing and cut too short.

  3. How easy it is for people to say “you don’t suffer from (or have) depression, when they see you up and about doing things… They often don’t realize that it’s all forced. You do because you have to, because no one else will for you. Inside you want to curl up and ignore the world, but it isn’t allowed so you push forward.

  4. “Robin Williams isn’t available to buy” this confused me for a mili-second and caused me to have a (probably inappropriate quick chuckle).

    Love the sentiment of this post & I am insanely jealous of people that write well and are artistically gifted too, props to you!

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