Masters tales

The Snail

It was in there, somewhere…

At first I noticed a few slime trails on the carpet. But after a time I realised that the small creature was still around. The trails went from my dog’s chews, to the door and to my desk.

Not the computer desk but the drawing desk.

I was happy to let my snail be.

It didn’t help that because of a painful foot I hadn’t cleaned for a while. I mean I’m not really dirty but you can see crumbs and leaves blown in from the outside. So I left it. I let my snail pet co-exist with me.

Then I checked on the unit yesterday.

I guess the snail had hit teenage years… Because he had tracked across my desk in a rampant disregard of paper and wood. I thought it was funny at first. Then I noticed my picture.

I’ve been working on it for a while but I noticed something different about the picture. There appeared to be a hole in it.

“Yeah, right…” I said

But as I picked it up I found that it had been eaten through. My snail has ruined a drawing…


This drawing is no more. I was further forward, but it had now been scraped.

And my snail?

Well I found him on the wall and evicted him. There are now a few slug pellets down. And I just have to catch up and start the drawing again.

Thanks snail…


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