Masters tales

Work life balance

I have an idea what this is. I understand the concept but it never happens. First off you end up looking at your work but then life springs up to hits you in the face.

Take today.

I had to go shopping for the business. So, I was about to walk out the door when Mum yelled at me to get something else. That is fine. The shop is only a few minutes down the road. So I go there first.

I shop.

I leave and then go to the original shop I needed.

The thing I want isn’t in stock. Won’t be until Saturday or next week. So I sigh, order it and come home.

I get home and it is lunch time. I have lunch. Then the tires arrive for the garden. (We are using tractor tires to plant pumpkins in this year). So they need moving.

Which we do with lots of laughter and fun.

But suddenly I am sat at the computer and ready to work.

It’s 3pm.

My work life balance isn’t working. As far as I can tell I am living more than working.

Hold up…

I think that ought to be the way around it. I just have to work at odd times to make up for it. That I can do. Now though I think I’ll go fill those tires with manure and get the pumpkins in…

They will be moved again. They aren’t staying in the orchard.

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