Food allergies

All Change for Allergies

Not in the business or the writing, but in life. You see yesterday a takeaway owner was convicted of manslaughter for selling a nut laced curry. He had told the client that there were no nuts. It was covered in nut powder. The guy ate the curry and died. He had a nut allergy.

I have a nut allergy.

It is pretty much like Russian roulette with food when I eat out. I have to trust the cook. It is scary.

Most of the time they are good. I walk out completely fine.

Once I reacted. It was a small reaction but I ended up on medication for 24 hours.

So, this conviction has part of me happy and smiling. Part of me is worried. You see most restaurants are good. You walk in and ask for the allergy book. (If they look at you with a blank expression – run.) By law every restaurant in the UK has to have one. If they don’t then they don’t know what they are cooking with. It is the hidden nut that is the killer. But this is going to make eating out difficult. I have a feeling that some restaurants are simply going to turn me away. I am too much of a risk.

But at least they will care. They are going to be forced to.

It’s a good thing but I worry. On saturday I am going out with my family for a meal. Now I know I just ate with the restaurant in question two days ago, but I am afraid that they won’t serve me.

It is a scary prospect. Firstly to eat out and then to disappoint your family because you get turned away.

I guess I will find out on Saturday.

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