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New Kit

I like to stay up with new aids for dyslexics… I mean I have to because I make money at writing and I can’t sit at the computer for hours on end and not get anything done, or work too slowly.

My real bug bear is the keyboard.

Why is it that I can type on a laptop but not a computer keyboard?

So I had a look at keyboards. I do sometimes. What I’m looking for is something that acts more like a laptop keyboard but they are so hard to find. Especially as I have found that I work much better with a coloured keyboard or a white one. They are a pain to keep clean but on the black keyboard the letters jump around.

Anyway, I hit the internet shops to see what was new.

And I found the Keyboard Company… A business that just deals with computer keyboards… Amazing.

And on there I found this:


It is weird, but the odd thing is that I don’t ‘accidently’ hit the wrong key and my words per minute has increased. It is great to use! And the colour is brilliant.

It looks nothing like the laptop keyboard but it works exactly the same and I am able to keep up with my head. Something that can cause problems when I write. My characters are sometimes just too fast.

I’m not sure if it is designed for dyslexics but it is definitely helping this one… So my newest piece of kit and an excellent buy (it was cheap).

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