Sun and mud

Today has been beautiful. The sun has been shining and it has been a good day. Okay I admit that I woke up with a load of aches and pains. But I decided to push through them.

I was able to clear the pea bed…


It’s bare now but by next week it should have sugar snap peas and maincrop.

But I was able to finish the cabbage bed. Especially with help from mum and dad.


Oh, and Dad built a new raised bed.. Everything’s coming together in the garden…


Even the cherries have blossom. Hopefully this year the wind won’t get too strong and they will get pollinated.

Now, I’m off to nurse my aches and pains…

6 thoughts on “Sun and mud

    1. Yeah… she can. Normally by sleeping in the completely wrong area. She isn’t a big digger but when she does I think she is trying to reach Australia…

  1. But the aches and pains are worth it when you see the plants growing and thriving:-) We’re still not quite there with our planting but small steps will get us there. Love and light xx

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