The Exhibition

Yesterday I spent all day looking after the exhibition at Aberglasney Gardens. It’s a joint one with Celf Canolbarth Cymru so there is a lot of different artwork. Basically, it has something for everyone. But I thought I’d show you my pieces as I know a load of you aren’t in Wales, or even the UK.

So here goes…


Above – ‘Blue’
Below – ‘Fear’


Above – ‘Red’
Below – a piece by Stephanie Mansell


All my books and cards. And some of David’s cards as well. Oh! And my prints in the rack.

Sometimes, my artwork can appear so large when I’m working on it, but when I put it up on the wall next to other pieces it is small. I can feel as if my pencil work gets overlooked. It is surrounded by landscapes and colour. Part of me finds it heart aching, but there is not much I can do about it except maybe going bigger….

But that is a scary prospect in itself.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures. Hopefully you can get the idea despite the bad photo taking on my part.

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