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Today I have spent my time putting up an exhibition for the Celf Canolbarth Cymru group. I’m a member and three of my pieces are now in Aberglasney Gardens until 28th April. But still, as me and Nigel were aligning the thirtieth picture and making sure it was straight (a difficult ask when using hanging wires) I found myself thinking that this was as far from creativity as I could get.

It’s the boring side of being an artist. Where you have to become super practical and be good with a ladder. I’m not good at either but I gave it go and it went well. All the art is on the wall and it all looks good. So I’m happy.

But my life is lacking creativity today.

That was until I got home.

You see, my Mum brought a second hand toy cooker for my niece and nephew, we babysit them every week and have got a collection of toys, but this was something we thought they would both love. And they do. Except there were too few cakes to play with…

So I hit the internet and found some. I made a guess that they would fit inside the toy oven and ordered them.


They arrived today. And I can safely say that an hour playing with the kids has made me feel 100% creative. They looked at these pieces of plastic and saw actual cakes, biscuits and ice-creams they could decorate.

It worked and I can’t stop smiling. It is strange where you can find creativity.

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