Dyslexic tales · Masters tales


At the beginning of the year it felt like I had loads of time. I set myself some tasks that were a little ambitious, especially if you consider the problems I have with words in the first place. I do have a bad case of the dyslexia…

It even hit last night while I was out socialising. I mean I work with words but when it gets bad I can find myself swapping names for things.

“Can you pass me the chair cup?”

And calling random guys by my boyfriends name because their name starts with the same two letters and has a similar sound. I think he got a little annoyed at that. It was unintentional but I do feel bad.

It isn’t the first time either. Why? I hear you cry. Well, I was trying to explain it to a friend. Basically, I use coping strategies but they only work if I am up-tight and on-edge. If I relax then I slip. And I relax once I know people really well, which I do with my fella and friends, my brain relaxes and, voilà, my dyslexia comes out to play…

I digress though. So, my list of dos… Well, I am falling behind. Due to a bad case of stomach flu and life getting in the way I need another month!

Unfortunately, I can’t make time, despite trying, so I will have to just get my skates on and apologise to my editor. The faster my writing gets the worse my spelling and grammar. Never mind though, I’m sure she won’t mind.

Well, not much.

I just hope I can catch up.


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