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Over-writing vs not

The last story I wrote I found that I had written far more than I needed. The result was that I cut huge areas of the story and submitted it to the competition.

It was turned down and they sent feedback. Some of the problems stemmed from the names I had given my characters (an easy fix but in a competition it was enough to get me refused) and that there were parts of the story that were irrelevant.

Huh? Was my reaction.

But I have gone back and looked at the story and they were right. There is a huge chunk that could have been cut. It isn’t needed.

That shocked me. You see, normally my writing is fairly under-written. Basically I have to add bits into the story rather than take it away. I’m comfortable with that way of writing. In fact, the book I am writing at the moment is a similar technique. I think it has more to do with the fact I am a slow writer. If I could write 100k words and then cut back 20k I would but in the same time as others take to do that I will only complete 50k. It doesn’t bother me. I am my own boss.

But sometimes I can find it frustrating. But not as bad as cutting those hard earned words from a story. As me and my editor started to take the red pen to my story I felt as if we were slashing into me. It was hard and it showed as I left a chunk in. I don’t think I can work like that. Not at the moment.

Maybe if I get faster in the future, but, for now, I shall continue to plod through my books and write the words that I seem to know automatically are needed. I just can’t afford the time to over-write.

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