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I have started working on a science fiction story for a competition. It’s only about 750 words but as I was writing it I realised that it is a monologue. I mean the main character references others, in particular her husband but apart from that it is 750 words from one character.

Monologues can be good. In film or in writing they can be outstanding. ‘Gerald’s Game’ by Stephen King basically has one character in it. Sure there is a setting of scene at the beginning and of course an ending but the majority of the book is one character, stuck in a position with no one around to help. In films most people will know about ‘Castaway’ where Tom Hanks’ character is washed up on a desert island and has a ‘monologue’ for most of the movie with a basketball.

Still I was surprised that I was writing a monologue…. Then I looked back and it turns out I have written quite a few. I like my female characters that have been put into situations that are mentally taxing. If the competition declines my piece I will pop it onto the blog, but until I do I will dig out ‘Fate’; a monologue and a story from Love Just Is which is available on Amazon.

Keep watching for the story. It will go up as soon as I can format it.

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