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A new year

I don’t do resolutions… Quite simply if I do them I tend to break the promises. so instead I make outlandish ones that I know I won’t do but will bring a smile to a friend’s face. This year they are:

  1. I am not allowed to bungee jump from any helicopters…
  2. I must not play poker underwater.
  3. I will not become an astronaut.

So… there they are. My new year resolutions that have caused me no pain in order to say no to.

Although I do make plans. The first day of the year involves me sitting down with my past plans of the market garden and setting it out again. This year that has been more fun because we are expanding our plot to make sure we grow more. Up to now the veg patch has been partially on a slope. Now it isn’t. Or won’t be soon.

The other plan I do is what competitions or deadlines I am going to meet over the year. Normally this has involved only writing but this year I have included the art…

So my new year looks like this:


The first competition is for the Mall Galleries portrait open. Does that seem a little bit of an odd sized canvas to be working on?

Well, maybe, but I saw the size and just fell in love. Now I have to create a portrait suitable to be submitted. So I am off to do some research and have a play with compositions.

Oh… There is one other thing. It is a canvas. I am getting the acrylics out. I haven’t worked on canvas or with acrylics in seven years… But I feel that it is time.

Maybe I ought to try a practice piece?

Maybe… But where is the fun in that?

3 thoughts on “A new year

  1. I’ve been missing out on reading blogs for several months now. Glad to be back – and love your new blog layout. It is certainly more pleasing to the eye.

    P.S. Can’t wait to see how the painting turns out.

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