Masters tales

Trying something new

Today was interesting. In fact, it was fun. I went on a taster course for forensics. Okay, I was sat next to the interested and the young. Some wanted to know if Lewis was correct while others where there to find out if they wanted to pursue it as a career.

I was there to help with the writing. It can be frustrating that I don’t know the name of those things they put on the floor to stop them contaminating the crime scene. Or what those white suits are called…

And this course answered most of the questions, but I did find myself booking onto the long one. I just had to. There is so much I don’t know.

I love the fact that the Cinderella test is to study the inside of the boot or shoe to find out who has been wearing it. The name is just wonderful… There has to be a story that can be built around that.

Then there is DNA and Fingerprints… Fibres and Footprints….

I think that January is going to be busy and very interesting. 🙂

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