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An Interesting Night…

It started with my laptop saying that there was a problem with my cloud. The same cloud that was holding my new book safe.

I think panic set in and I froze. It was a good job as well, as the computer created a window asking if I wanted to upload the ‘new’ version of my book. I’d only just opened it. There was no ‘new’ version. There was only the one I had been working on in the workshop. *(The laptop usually is for working in the house.)*

So what was the new version?

I had a look.

It wasn’t new. It was old. As in 5000 words old. It was trying to rewrite my book with the old version.

I must admit I went cold all over. Then it crashed.

Had it rewritten my book? Had I just destroyed 3 days work?

My heart was in my mouth as I started the laptop up again. It was like deja vu. It went through the whole process again.

I put the damn thing away and got in the car. I’m now the proud owner of a cheap laptop. It may just save my book.

The moral of the story?

Don’t buy a second hand laptop unless you know what you are doing.

The new one has a years guarantee and I’m happy. It will at least not corrupt anything in the cloud. And the book is safe. Now I just have to see if the little laptop can be fixed and sell it on…

If it’s possible.

2 thoughts on “An Interesting Night…

  1. Really the moral is always back up your work – every day. When I worked in book publishing a couple of decades ago we had it drummed into us that you never went home for the evening without backing up… in those days on to 3.5 inch floppies, which could take some time. Someone was also required to take the back-up home so that if there was a fire at the office, there would still be an up-to-date copy. And as a final precaution we had to two sets of floppies which we alternated the use of, so that if one set should become corrupted and the office burnt down we’d only have lost one day’s work at most! It was tedious, but the lesson stuck and now I back up my work every day onto Dropbox as well as having in on my hard drive. In addition, I do periodic full back-ups to our desktop computer…. paranoid? moi? I can tell you that it has been a life-saver on a few occasions 🙂
    I really do encourage you to keep an up-to-date second version of your work somewhere else other than on your cloud.

    1. I know. I have been lazy with the last book. Which is so bad. Luckily though everything seems to be fine and the book is good. But as of now I am backing up to a removable disk, the hard drive and the cloud… 🙂

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