A book published… but this is a little different.

So, have you noticed that my art work can sometimes be a little risque?

Sometimes you can see more of the person than you thought you would?

Well, I have dabbled into  erotic art but here’s the kicker. I was asked to create a colouring book for adults…

I had a look online and there where everything from geometric shapes to wild animals. But no people… So I thought I would do one on erotic art.

No… Not that kind of erotic art. But drawings looking at form and beauty, and latex… Okay the last bit was because I collaborated with one woman and she was great, but she loves wearing latex. So I did a couple of images with her in full costume.

And now the book is complete and in the shops…

An Adult Colouring Book cover

15 hand drawn pen and ink images awaiting you to colour in. So fancy something different. Something that will be a giggle or if you are just curious. Have a go.

What are the illustrations like? you cry.

Well, here is one.


So why not give it a try? It is available on Amazon US ($7.75) and Amazon UK (£4.98).

Or if you have your own printer you can download your own copy from Etsy for £4.20.

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