Because today is a sad day…

I was saddened to read that Cecil had died… That he had been hunted and killed. The problem is that it wasn’t done because he was a problem, or a killer, or that he had done anything other than be a successful lion. Instead, he was killed simply because he was a lion.

Maybe the hunter ought to have stopped and thought about it. Maybe the guides ought to have stopped and wondered at their actions.

They didn’t.

I wonder if they laughed and joked. In the photos they all seem pleased.

The problem I have is that if it hadn’t been Cecil, if it hadn’t gone viral, would the hunter still be sorry and would the guides be arrested? I’m saddened it happened and I don’t understand why it happened, but how often does it happen?

Why a lion? What purpose is his death?

So I pay tribute to Cecil and his companions. You see if Cecil had a pride, it will now be taken over by another lion. The problem is that lions practice infanticide. It’s so the head of the pride can further his own line. So upon taking Cecil’s pride (if he had one and I think he did) the cubs will be killed by the new male. The females will then become fertile quicker and the new king will raise his own cubs and not Cecil’s.

So that hunter has killed more than just Cecil.

It saddens me. I wonder if, as he posed over the body and smiled, the hunter knew this, or if he even cared…?


2 thoughts on “Because today is a sad day…

  1. Its very sad news.. If it had not gone viral, they would have not even felt guilty about it. Sad.. and he says he had all the legal papers to hunt. Isnt that also sad? Its a routine thing. It just happened to be Cecil.

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