Unreliable Pencils

I have a favourite pencil. I’m sure that a lot of artists do, but yesterday disaster struck! I dropped it. I quickly snatched it up, hoping that is wasn’t damaged but the sharp point immediately fell off. I quickly popped it in the sharpener and turned the handle… (I have one of the ones that grinds the pencil) I pulled it out and squinted at the tip.

Please be alright, I thought.

One slight touch of the lead and the tip dropped.

I looked at the pencil and sigh… I drop it into the tin that holds the broken ones (I use them if I run out of a grade of pencil, which can happen on a big drawing).

I then reach for the other 2Bs… I look at them in distaste and start testing them. I need the lead to be smooth for this drawing. Finally I find one. Perfect. Settling back I start to shade. Keeping a firm grip on it.

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