Up and away

Up and away… Bitsy really hates flying. Can Aaron distract her? #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

Aaron grins at Conor. He’s not big for a five year old, but he is smart. In fact he is acting far more grown up than I thought he would. And there is no sign of trauma. I open my mouth to say something, but Max takes my arm and gives it a squeeze. He holds me back as the others leave the hangar.

When we are alone he turns me toward him. “Leave it.”

“What?” I say. I have an idea that he has been thinking the same as me.

“Conor…” Yep, he has.

“He should be acting… differently.”

“But he isn’t, and at the moment that is working in our favour. If we are still here…”

“I know,” I interrupt. “I’m just not sure if it healthy.”

“He is changing.”

I wince. Would Mel forgive me for turning her son into a monster? She wanted him alive but…

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