I’m going to be flying in a bumblebee….

I’m going to be flying in a bumblebee…. Can Colin save Aaron and can they find the helicopter? #amwriting #thegone

The Gone

Max quickly gets to his feet and starts to move to the back of the hangar. I’m not sure why but I don’t follow. Instead, I fall to my knees next to Aaron. His eyes have become a little dull and I can hear that his heartbeat has sped up. I think he is actually dying. Max is suddenly back and in his hand is a syringe. He positions it above his own arm.

“Let me,” I say. I’m shocked I spoke. I look at him with wide eyes. I want to give my blood? I don’t understand where that came from.

“No,” Max says and he gives me a hard look. Aaron reaches out a hand and grasps my wrist.

“Not you,” he wheezes. His colour has gone very grey. He looks at Max. “Or you.” He shifts his eyes to Colin who is standing with Conor. “Him.”


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